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Gimnazjum Nr 13 is situated in Olsztyn, in Pieczewo district. We have just celebrated the 10-th anniversary of our school.Our pupils have an excellent opportunity to develop their abilities and interests. For those stu-dents who are extremely bright and talented, our school organizes classes with advanced learning of English and German and also sports disciplines training. Such classes are very popular among our pupils. Our volleyball players became the winners of local championships. The patron of our school is Hubert Wagner. He was a coach of Polish volleyball team that be-came famous around the world. Their greatest success was a gold medal in the Olympic Games which took their place in Montreal (Canada). Our school proposes a great offer of after classes activities: drama classes called "Light and Shadow Theatre", Advanced English Learning, Sports Training Sessions, Art classes. Gimnazjum Nr 13 is engaged in voluntary work to help people in need. Our School Volunteers Club together with Polish Red Cross participate in charity campaigns. Our volunteers take part in fund-raisings to help poor people. Such an activity became extremely popular among our pupils. In our Gimnazjum there are two ICT classrooms with Internet connection. Besides, here you can find a library, a school canteen, a school shop, a big gym. Our school collaborates with local society organizing festive parties in winter and in summer. Our pupils don't have to wear special uniform at school, but they must look neat and tidy. If you would like to learn more about our Gimnazjum just come in contact with our pupils and start pen palling. We encourage you to start collaboration with us.

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